Stock up on Cases of Water with Catalina Deal at Kroger Smith’s

Today I purchased bottled water at Smith’s grocery store for $1.52 per case! If you need to add to your 2 week supply of emergency water (14 gallons per adult) and have a Smith’s in your area, there is a great Catalina deal for Nestle Pure Life Purified Water going on until April 3. Catalina coupons are those checkout coupons the cashier hands you. You want to combine it with the Smith’s buy 10 sale. But only buy 4 waters at each shopping trip.
Here is what you do:
  1. Buy 4 cases of Nestle’s Water and 6 other sale items in the March to Savings Buy 10 sale.
  2. That will take off $5.00 off on your receipt.
  3. Then you will be handed an additional $5.00 Catalina coupon off your next purchase. (Make sure your store has the Catalina machine by the register!)

I went back later today and bought the 10 items again including the 4 water cases, got the Kroger $5.00 off, and applied the first $5.00 Catalina coupon. I received another $5.00 Catalina to spend on my next purchase.
8 cases of water or 192 bottles of .5 Liter water for $12.16 or 6 cents a bottle!

Am I an el cheapo or what? That beats the everyday Sam’s Club and Costco price! I like 24 ct. cases because I can lift them without help.
Update 3/22: I bought 4 more cases today! I heard the ad will continue for another week. Check your store’s website or printed ad.
More math:
Fema suggests storing 1 gallon of water per day per person. More for people in hot environments, infants, nursing mothers and ill people.
14 gallons of water = 106 Bottles
4 x 24 ct. cases is just over 12 gallons of water
A great emergency prep brochure by Fema is here.

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