Compare Prices of Utah Case Lot Sale With Other Stores

Because the Macey’s grocery store case lot sale is coming this week (August 3), I’ve updated my Mega Case Lot sale price comparison list. Collecting the data for this spreadsheet took me 20 hours, and lots of walking through several stores. But I am excited to share it with you. You can compare prices with the Macey’s sale, current prices at Sam’s Club, Costco and Walmart, the LDS Home Storage Center, and a few other food storage companies based here in Utah (though some ship out of state.) This list will help you see which items to stock up on now, and which items you can buy most any day. Those of you who love Costco/Sam’s Club need to understand that just because you buy items in cases there, it does not necessarily mean you are getting the best price. It pays to compare. Please excuse any errors. I will add other stores that offer case lot sales in Utah when I receive their ads.

Mega Case Lot Sale Price Comparison list Fall 2011.pdf

To print, click on the pdf above. It will open in Google docs. Open the File menu on the left of Google docs, and look for Print pdf there. Don’t use your computer printer icon. Let me know if it has problems. Thanks.

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