Walgreens Couponing Tips

After several weeks (and plenty of mistakes), I have finally figured out how to shop successfully at Walgreens by combining coupons with sales, and using Register Rewards. Each trip to the store is a learning experience, but the cashiers at my local Walgreens are happy to help me save.

Walgreens Couponing tips:

1. Study, study and study some more. Check out the tips at theKrazyCouponLady.com
and at CouponMom.com. You can also learn how to use coupons at other stores as well. Watch videos of theKrazyCouponLady a former contestant on TLC’s Extreme Couponing.
2. Learn how to stack a coupons to save the most money. That means using a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon.
3. Earn Register Rewards (RR) when you buy certain items, and use this “cash” to pay for other products. Even on the same day! You don’t have to walk out of the store and come back another day.
4. Use coupon sites. Don’t try to figure out which Register Rewards to use by yourself, or which coupons to match. These sites are free.
5. Divide your products into several transactions, and get RR for one type product in each transaction. However, if they are different RR products, you can get RR’s for both items.
6. You can’t use a RR to buy the same type of product you earned it with. Been there done that. 🙁
7. Find out when your store delivery truck comes. Every store is different. You need to give the employees time during the day to restock. Evenings are a good time to drop in. I’ve tried Monday mornings, and failed because Sunday shoppers drain the shelves. I’ve tried earlier on delivery day to find totes with products needing to be shelved. I was hoping to buy Keri Lotion and Listerine SmartRinse on Monday, but they were sold out. So the manager took my name and number to call me when it comes in. However, I know managers are busy people. So I will check back on Thursday night anyway.
8. A rain check is a good thing! Don’t be shy; ask for one if a product is out of stock. They will honor the price another day, and you may find more coupons in the meantime. It takes away the pressure, because you can buy when you want to and still get the sale price. However, they can’t extend a Register Rewards on a product.
9. Don’t be embarrassed (I promise, you will) if you do multiple transactions. If someone gets in line behind you and you just finished your first transaction, have the courtesy to move behind them and do your second transaction. This isn’t a bad thing because it gives you time to think, and not feel flustered or rushed or get glaring looks, which is how you will make mistakes.
10. Plan on paper in advance, but be flexible to change the shopping plan. I put all of my transactions on a spreadsheet. I figure out how much items cost, and how much it will be with coupons. I carefully choose which transactions I will pay with Register Rewards. I print the shopping list, and take to the store. Spend 90% of your time planning at home, and 10% of your time shopping. I’ll be honest. I am a slow shopper.
11. You must pay tax on your subtotal, so if a transaction is going to have a zero balance, grab a few .50 cent “filler” items to take to the register just in case you need them to cover tax on your subtotal.

I promise you that this is not easy, and you will get frustrated. I’m not an extreme couponer, but I’m a decent couponer. The more money you save, means the more money you can spend on food storage. Check out these deals! (Totals are without tax.Sorry I don’t have a picture.)
Saturday 8/6
Bought 6 Irish Spring deodorants @ $3.00 ea. in 3 separate transactions
  Bought 2, Received $4.00 RR, Limit 1 per transaction
  Used 2 $1.00/1 Irish Spring Deodorant from SS 7/24
Retail $23.94.
Paid $16, but received $16 in RR.
Essentially Free!

Monday 8/8– Transaction 1
Bought 1 Sally Hansen Toe nail clipper 5.99
  Used $3.00 coupon from AllYou magazine
Bought 1 Penway Filler Paper 260 ct. 3.79/.99 sale price
Bought 1 Snickers candy bar 🙂 .99/.69 sale price (filler item)
Used $4.00 Irish Spring RR
Paid .67 cents

Transaction 2
Bought Trident gum 1 x 1.29 (filler item) and
Bought 17 Trident Vitality gum 1.29/.79 sale (used raincheck)
   Used 6 $2.00/3 SS 7/24
Bought 1 Herbal Essence Shampoo 3.99/3.00
   Used $1.00/1 coupon
   Received $1.00 RR
Bought 1 Penway Filler Paper 260 ct. 3.79/.99 sale price
Used $4.00 Irish Spring RR
Paid $1.71
Transaction 3
Bought 2 x Mead 5 Star 3 Subject Notebooks 5.99/2.49
  Used $1.00/2 RedPlum
Bought 1 Expo Dry Erase Markers 8 pk. 9.99/3.99 sale
Bought 1 Sharpie Markers 2 pk. 2.79/1.49
  Used $1.00 August Walgreens coupon booklet
Bought 2 Ziploc 120 ct. Sandwich baggies 4.19/2.00
  Used a $1.00/2
Bought 1 24 ct. Crayola Crayon 1.99/1.00 sale
  Received $1.00 RR
Used $4.00 Irish Spring RR, and $1.00 Herbal Ess. RR
Paid $8.47

Transaction 4
Bought 4 PaperMate Mechanical Pencils 10 pk. 2.99/.39 sale
Used $1.00 Crayola Crayon RR
Paid .56 cents

Total Retail $100.82
I Paid $27.41
About a 73% Savings!

SS = SmartSource coupon
RP = RedPlum coupon
RR = Register Rewards

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