A New Year And A New You With Food Storage

I hope you each enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Day! I’ve loved the down time with my family. I actually played board games like “Ticket-to-Ride” and “Sleeping Queens.” For a work-a-holic like me, that’s a good thing. My married daughter, has NOT had her baby girl yet. She is on bed rest at home and is 34 weeks along. Thank you for your prayers in her behalf. We Skyped with our missionary son in Sweden on Christmas Day. He sounded and looked great! He is way up north where the sun goes down at 11:30 a.m. My Brigham Young University son just announced his engagement to a lovely young woman from Oklahoma, so we’ll have a wedding coming in April. And my handsome grandson is now 5 months old and growing quickly. He was born 8 weeks early, but is working hard to catch up.
I was sad to be released recently as the young women’s president in my ward, but so thankful to have taught and rubbed shoulders with the awesome teen girls in my ward. Such good examples to me of service without complaint. At the moment I have no calling at church, which is unusual for me, but I have to admit I’ve enjoyed the vacation. 🙂
Today I changed the layout design of my blog. I hope you find it easier to use. I’m working on new ideas to help us get organized in 2012 with our food storage and emergency preparedness one bite at a time. If you haven’t signed up for my emails, you can do so by clicking below.
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MONTHLY FOCUS Lots of great things to learn!
January – #1 Beverages, Getting Organized
February – #2 Breakfast Foods, Communication
March – #3 Tomatoes & Pasta, First Aid
April – #4 Soup & Beans, Sanitation 
May – #5 Condiments & Spices, Pet 72-Hour Kits
June – #6 Grains, Bread Making
July – #7 Summer Foods, Evacuation Plan
August – #8 Fruits & Vegetables, Shelter
September – #9 Meat & Potatoes, Disaster Prep
October –  #10 Oils & Fats, Fire Safety
November – #11 Holiday Baking, Light
December – #12 Pantry Basics, Power
Each week you will count one area of your food and home storage items. Some items only need to be counted ever 3 months or 6 months. If you do a small count each week, you will stay on top of your inventory.

Each week I will remind you to put aside the amount listed. Multiply the amount for more family members. You can transfer from a checking account to a savings account, or put money aside in jars. Only use this fund for emergencies. This is NOT the money that goes in your 72-hour kit or Auto Emergency kit. Obviously you could save more, but at the end of the year you should have $104 per person.

I revised my monthly shopping lists, but I think they are better than last year’s. Yes, there will be a PDF printable each month, but I will post amounts weekly. Each list has food storage items and non-food items for 1 adult for a 3-month supply. Also suggested items to gather for your 72-hour kit, Auto Emergency Kit, and Equipment goals. If you want to store for more people, multiply or adjust the amounts. Or if you want to store for a longer period of time, adjust accordingly. These lists are based on seasonal sales to help keep costs down. 

May you each have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

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