Decide on a Food Storage Budget

Many people want to jump into the food storage “pool” without taking the time to learn to swim. Perhaps this is because they feel a desire or urgency to get started, but are impatient to plan very well. One of the first items I suggest every family decide on is a food storage budget.

Because my blog focuses on shopping for your food storage along with your weekly grocery shopping I suggest deciding on a monthly grocery budget. Because I use my food storage canned and packaged foods everyday, I try to find the best shopping deals to save money so I can buy more food storage. Personally I can afford $100 per month for our family of 5. But every family has to decide what works for them.

Things to consider when deciding on a food storage budget:

  • Home size and space you have to store items
  • Your income
  • How long you want to store for such as a 3-month or 12-month supply
  • Commitment level of both spouses about food storage. 

It’s important that both spouses agree on the amount. If your spouse is concerned how you can possibly afford food storage, then start with a smaller budget. Both spouses are typically not motivated to work on food storage and emergency preparedness the same way. Many of my readers have said that they are more motivated than their spouse. As with all important decisions, come up with a happy medium.

Goal #1 – decide on your monthly food storage budget

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