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 Emergency Fair 
Saturday, January 21, 2012 10 a.m.
LDS SunStone Building – 11543 Keystone Drive, South Jordan, Utah

Classes and Booths include:

  • First Aid 
  • CPR – New Techniques 
  • Emergency Planning 
  • 72 Hour Kits 
  • Questar Gas 
  • South Jordan City 
  • Financial Planning 
  • Water Storage 
  • Water Reclamation and Rehydration 
  • Sanitation
    Grab and Run Ideas 
  • Fire Safety 

For questions – contact Rich at 801-891-2710 or Rebecca at 801-859-6841

 Costco Honey 
A new item at the Bountiful, Utah Costco! A 3-pack of 24 oz. Kirkland Clover Honey Bears for $11.99 or $2.66 per lb. Costs a little more per lb. than the larger 5 lb. size at Sam’s Club, but may be more convenient for smaller families.

 New Bountiful Emergency Essentials 
Emergency Essentials, a food storage and emergency preparedness store, is now open in Bountiful, Utah near Costco. Other locations include Murray, S. Jordan & Orem.
70 S. 500 West
(801) 298-5487
Open Monday 10 – 6, Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 9, Closed Sunday.
Save up to 43% with our Inventory Reduction Sale!
Prices and promotions good through January 31, 2012 and while supplies last. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

 NEW “Fusion Grain Cooking” TV Show With Chef Brad
Tune in to BYUtv to watch Chef Brad prepare amazing meals using grains such as teff, spelt, millet, quinoa, brown rice, beans and more. He has incorporated healthy grains into his favorite recipes for the past 20 years, and regularly teaches at BYU Campus Education week. If you don’t get BYUtv, you can watch the Live TV stream on your computer. I am taping all of his shows because there is so much I want to learn!

 Thrive Foods Giveaway 
Also, if you haven’t entered the Grocery Cents blog Thrive Foods Drink Mix giveaway going on this week, go here to enter. Last day to enter is today, January 20th. Winner announced tomorrow!

 Looking For Preparedness News Items 
If you have news you think my readers may be interested in, send it my way. Looking for emergency fairs (even out of state), food storage demonstrations, and local grocery store items on sale. I will not post advertising for independent distributors. I reserve the right to only post items I find valuable, and to only post periodically.

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