My Fridge List

After several prototypes, I finally finished My Fridge List. This is the new grocery list I hang on my refrigerator so my family and I can check off those items we need from the store. I am very happy with it! This morning I finished it while watching the news and trying to get caught up after my trip to California to see my beautiful granddaughter.

Isn’t she lovely?

Okay. I miss her. Back to the list. First, I printed it and then laminated it.
Then I attached it to my refrigerator with poster tacky, but you could use magnets. I don’t hang much on my refrigerator, but this list is a necessity. Then I clipped a wet dry erase marker onto it, hoping it won’t fall off.

You could make a copy and use it as a grocery list. You are welcome to print My Fridge List.pdf. Let me know if there are any typo’s with this printable, or if you have trouble printing it.

To see how this list can be useful with your food storage, go to this post: “Making Food Storage Part of Your Household Routines.”

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