Mormon Messages: Temples Are a Beacon

This video was a a good reminder of what is truly important. I am so grateful to live within 15 minutes of a temple, but I need to recommit to attending more often. In the temple I feel God’s love for me, my family and all mankind. I receive inspiration, peace and direction. Now that my youngest is in first grade, I want to double my efforts with temple attendance. Regardless of religion, I hope that as each of you sees the LDS temples throughout the world, they will be a reminder of God’s love for all mankind.

Here is a gallery of LDS temples.

No sacrifice is too great to obtain the blessings available in Holy Temples.


January: Wk. 5

Inventory: Breakfast Items
Emergency Fund: Put aside the amount you chose
Water Supply: Continue to gather or fill water if needed
Food Storage: 3×64 oz. Bottled Juice 
Non-Food: 1 bar/bottle of soap per month
72-Hour Kit: Free week or get a needed item from another week
Auto Kit: Jumper cables
(I’ll be adding these reminders to the bottom of every post to help you stay on track)

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