American Beauty Pasta On Sale at Smith’s (Kroger) for .88

I stocked up on American Beauty pasta today at my local Farmington Smith’s (Kroger) grocery store. It was on sale for $.88 a package. I was down to my last spaghetti package, and didn’t want to open the #10 LDS cans I also have stored.

This sale was not listed in the newspaper ad or online. Last year at Macey’s case lot sale, their Western Family pasta was $.69 per lb. in 3 lb. bags. And at Costco you may buy pasta for about .99 per lb. But I like smaller bags because of the variety I can get at Smith’s. They are the exact size I need to prepare a meal for my family, and have leftovers. I would say this is a good deal, though maybe not a great deal. I have purchased pasta for $.50 a bag, but I’ve only seen that rarely.

After I write the purchase date on my bags of pasta, I organize them by expiration date (FIFO method) in totes, and store them in my basement. Sometimes when I shop, the bags I buy have various expiration dates. So it’s important to check those dates. I also like to pull from the back of the store shelf instead of the front if I can reach in there, so I get the freshest foods.

Pasta also stores well in a dry location in your kitchen, and has a 2 year shelf-life.

FIFO Method
FIFO means first in, first out. So organize your food storage with the oldest items to the front or top, and your newest items to the back or bottom. That way the oldest food is used first.

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