Sunday Message: What is a Family Tree?

Family history connects us with those who have come before. Enjoy seeing what children think a family tree is. Learn more about your family tree at

Also, today I taught my Primary class about the importance of a family and let them create their own family tree with this visual of a tree with apples you can find at DLTK.

Weekly Focus Reminder! 
Week #7 Feb. 12 – 18

Here is what we’re working on this week:

Inventory: Beverages. Count any lunch, bottled, or powered shelf-stable drinks including powdered milk.
Emergency Fund: Put aside the amount you decided on. Consider $2.00 per week per family member.
Water Supply: Continue to buy or fill water if needed. Work towards 14 gallons per person.
Food Storage: Oats 2 #10 cans or 5 lbs. per person. Adjust amount for smaller children if you wish.  I can my own at the LDS Home Storage Center, but you can also purchase them online at Augason Farms or another food storage company.
Non-Food: 1 Toothbrush per person. (oops! That was last week and toothpaste this week, but do whatever you need. At Dollar Tree they are 2/$1.00.
72-Hour Kit: Add pocket-size scriptures. The Book of Mormon can be found at the LDS Online Store for $4.00.
Auto Kit: Add a copy of the pocket-size Book of Mormon ($4.00) or a regular size copy ($2.50).

Go here for the printable February 2012 Food Storage Shopping list. Work on your food storage one bite at a time.

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