Updated Food Storage Case Lot Price Comparison – April 2012

I’ve just updated my Food Storage Case Lot Sale Price Comparison which compares prices at the local grocery store case lot sales which start tomorrow at Macey’s, Dick’s Market, and Fresh Market here in Utah.

Here it is:

(click above to open)
I only share this list in a pdf copy. It is 18 pages long, so look and write down what you need.
Just added Harmon’s!

It’s best to compare prices because you can find some good items at case lot sales, and some similar items at everyday at Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart Supercenters and the LDS Home Storage centers. I’ve also included some local food storage companies for comparison.

Those of you using my April Monthly Food Storage Shopping List will want to look at this price comparison to help you stock up on items for your food storage.

Newbies: Case lot sales happen in Utah in January, March/April and August/September. I try to post the sales on this blog. There are also case lot sales in Nevada and Idaho, but I don’t know which stores have them in those locations. You can also take advantage of case lot sales on military bases if you are in the military.

A case lot sale means the grocer sells a box or group of items at a reduced price because you are buying so many. As you look at the price comparison list, write down items you are interested in purchasing. Macey’s allows you to buy individual items at the case price.

If you are just starting to stock up on food storage, look at my monthly lists and start with the current month. They were created to help you find seasonal deals each month, and balance your preparedness purchases. Every item on a monthly list does not mean you can’t find a good deal during other months. But the lists help you avoid overspending. Only buy what you can afford and start small with your 3-month food storage supply, water and emergency fund.

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