Week 15: Food Storage Goals April 8 – 14

Twelve more days until child number 3 gets married! Lots to do, but I did want to get a post out early this week. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. It was just gorgeous here in Utah. But I missed having most of my kids here. Thank goodness we will see them all at the wedding. And my two grand babies!

As you can imagine, I’m behind on several things. But they just don’t matter,  because there is food in the cupboard and it’s a nice feeling. I did pick up items for our 72-hour kit food packs, and I’m hoping we can put them together tonight for family home evening.

There are several case lot grocery sales starting on Wednesday, April 11 here in Utah; Macey’s, Dick’s, and Fresh Market. Here is a link to the Macey’s price list (on the right side), however, I will be adding their prices to my April 2012 Case Lot Sale Price Comparison list today (sometime) so you can see the very best deals and plan, plan, plan. Every item at a case lot sale is not at the lowest price, so comparing is helpful.

Here is what we’re focusing on this week:

WEEK #15 
April 8 – 14
Soup, Tuna & Beans AND Sanitation 

INVENTORY: Count your Freezer items. When life settles down, I’m attaching a dry erase board to my freezer for better inventory control like this one on my Pinterest board. So simple, yet so useful.

EMERGENCY FUND: Consider putting aside $2.00 or more per week per family member. If you have any stories how your emergency fund has helped you, email them to me.

WATER SUPPLY (2-week supply): Buy or fill water as needed. Suggested amount is 14 gallons per person or 4×24 ct. cases of bottled water per person for drinking/cooking, and then water in barrels for hygiene, cleaning, toilet flushing, etc. Store in a location that does not have intense heat, and direct sunlight. Store in several places in your home in case disasters make it difficult to obtain it in one location. Cases will be $2.50 at Macey’s case lot!

FOOD STORAGE (3-month per adult): 12 cans of tuna or salmon. On sale now for .59 ea. at Smith’s. More if your family loves tuna.

NON-FOOD: 12 rolls of toilet paper per person. Goes along with our sanitation focus.

72-HOUR KIT: Toilet paper roll in a plastic quart-sized baggie.

AUTO KIT: Toilet paper roll in a plastic quart-sized baggie.

EQUIPMENT: Solar shower like this one at Walmart.

PREPAREDNESS: Make strawberry freezer jam.

NEWBIES: If you are new to my site, just jump right in. If you have a busy week, don’t worry about it. Anything you do will be a help to your family. Gather only the items you need and can afford. You may substitute other items. They may already be in your home and you just need to find and organize them. Adjust and/or multiply the amounts so they work for your family. Here is the April 2012 Food Storage Shopping list, and read “How to Use My Monthly Food Storage Shopping Lists” for other ideas.

Four lucky winners will receive my 12-Month Food Storage Organizer book that I’m writing. Go here for more details.

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