Food Storage Goals: Week #21, May 20 – 26

Memorial Day sales are a great time to stock up on condiments and other items for your food storage. There are additional deals around the 4th of July, but if you gather some of the items listed below now, you can focus on different items in a few months. Some store sales start Sunday and end Saturday, while others run Wednesday through next Tuesday. Take advantage of both sales. (Just updated!)

MACEY’S DEALS end May 29th!

  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup, 40 oz. $1.99 use .50/1 (06-19-12) SS-5/20 $1.49 
  • Kraft BBQ Sauce, 18 oz. $.99 use $1/2 (06-06-12) SS-5/6 $.49 
  • Kraft Salad dressings, 14-16 oz. $1.67 use $1/2 (06-17-12) SS-5/20 $1.17
  • Western Family Mustard, 20 oz. $.79
  • Western Family Ketchup, 24 or 20 oz. $.79
  • Western Family Water 24 ct. 16.9 oz. $2.50
SMITH’S (Kroger) DEALS end May 29th!
  • Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue Sauce, 18 oz $1.00
  • Best Foods Mayo, 16.5 oz or 30 oz $2.99 use $1/1 (06-17-12) RP-5/20 pay $1.99
  • Heinz Ketchup, 32-40 oz , $1.88 use .50/1 (06-19-12) SS-5/20 pay $1.38
  • Kraft Parmesan Cheese, 24 oz. $7.84 (Sam’s Club) .33 per ounce
  • Kraft Parmesan Cheese, 16 oz. $5.35 (Costco) .33 per ounce
  • Great Value Parmesan Cheese, 8 oz. $2.64 (Walmart) .33 per ounce
Caution! Do not store condiments in your garage where temperatures fluctuate. I really don’t recommend putting food in a garage at all. Get your non-foods out of the kitchen and put them in the garage, and make space for food storage in your kitchen or other parts of your home. Every 10 degree increase in temperature will reduce the shelf life of food substantially. 
MAY FOCUS, Week #21 
Condiments, Spices, Pet 72-Hour kits (click for monthly list)

EMERGENCY FUND: Set aside $2.00 or more per person this week and all year long.

2-WEEK WATER SUPPLY: Accumulate 14 gallons per person (or 4×24 ct. cases of bottled water per person) for drinking/cooking, and more water in containers for hygiene, cleaning, toilet flushing, etc. If you already have this, move on.

3-MONTH FOOD STORAGE: 1×8 oz. salad dressing (like Kraft, etc.) AND 1×8 oz. mayonnaise or Miracle Whip AND 1×4 oz. Parmesan cheese. (These amounts may sound small, so multiply by number of family members – For instance a family of 4 may want 2×16 oz. bottles of dressing for a 3-month supply or 8×16 oz. bottles for a year supply.)

NON-FOOD: Foil. Use for outdoor emergency cooking.

INVENTORY: Count your beverages. Put any items you need to use up on your kitchen counter. Decide how much more you need to gather.

72-HOUR KIT: Washcloth. Check Dollar Tree or use an old one you already have.

AUTO KIT: Washcloth. Check Dollar Tree or use an old one you already have.

EQUIPMENT: Dutch oven and tools. If this is a first time purchase, don’t go overboard. Just get the basics. I’ve heard Lodge is a great brand. Note: Avoid using bargain brand or self-light charcoal because they don’t cook as long.

PREPAREDNESS GOAL: Collect Dutch oven recipes. I’m not an expert, but I like the Dutch Oven 101 section at

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