Food Storage Goals: Week #22, May 27 – June 2


For the past five days our family has traveled through six states: Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska on our way to and from our number two son’s wedding reception in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The trip was amazing as we passed numerous fields of grains and corn. Yes, a long drive, but gorgeous!


I loved seeing the large round hay bales and the grazing cattle. I am awestruck that so few families have such a stewardship over so much food. The heart of America for


How little this city girl knows about the work it takes to get food from field to table. I am extremely grateful to the farm families. Without them, we would
not have food storage.

Bartlesville is home of Phillips Petroleum, so we visited the ranch of Frank Phillips. It’s called Woolaroc and is named after an airplane Phillips sponsored in a race from California to Hawaii years ago. We toured the amazing museum with the largest collection of western memorabilia I’ve ever seen.

The ranch is also a preserve for wild animals like these buffalo.


Doesn’t my hubby and my youngest fit right in on Frank’s lodge porch?

Woolaroc Lodge

I was humbled to learn that Bartlesville is not far from Joplin, Missouri, where a terrible tornado occurred last year. We were told how the LDS members in Bartlesville came to the rescue with sacred supplies, and joined in the cleanup effort. 

It was an enjoyable trip and my daughter-in-law comes from a wonderful, giving family. They worked so hard on the reception.

As this month comes to a close, I hope many of you have been able to work a little bit more on becoming better prepared for challenges that may come in your life. Here is what we are gathering this week:

EMERGENCY FUND: Set aside $2.00 or more per person this week and all year long.

2-WEEK WATER SUPPLY: Accumulate 14 gallons per person
(or 4×24 ct. cases of bottled water per person) for drinking/cooking, and more water in containers for hygiene, cleaning, toilet flushing, etc. If you already have this, move on.


  • 1×5 oz. ketchup AND
  • 1×2 oz. mustard AND
  • 1×3 oz. BBQ Sauce or Steak Sauce.
  • These amounts sound small, so multiply by the number of family members – For instance a family of 4 may want 2×16 oz. bottles of dressing for a 3-month supply or 8×16 oz. bottles for a year supply.

NON-FOOD: Paper cups. Perhaps a 1 month supply.

INVENTORY: Count canned beans, canned meats and soup. Put any food items you need to use up on your kitchen counter. Decide how much more you need to gather.


AUTO KIT: Duct tape.

EQUIPMENT: Duct tape. Always have a supply of this useful emergency item around.

PREPAREDNESS GOAL: Practice Dutch oven cooking. Check out the Dutch Oven 101 section at Also, did you get your pet 72-hour kit completed?

Click here for the complete May Food Storage Shopping list.

MY CURRENT GIVEAWAY: Four lucky winners will receive my upcoming “12-Month Food Storage Organizer.” Go here for more details.

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