Food Storage Goals: Week #27

My beautiful family is coming into town today for our first family reunion. We are so excited! I’m missing my missionary son who is in Sweden, but know he is doing the Lord’s work there. This is a tender time for me. Not only for the anticipation of a visit from two beautiful grandchildren, but because of the many disasters happening across the United States whether they be from heat, fire or power outages. I am so grateful for the power of prayer. Even though my son is thousands of miles away from me, and many of you are struggling far away as well, I can still turn to my Father in Heaven in prayer in your behalf. And I know he listens. Trials are a part of life and they can really stretch us, but they can also humble us and bring us to our knees. May you each feel my prayers in your behalf this day.


Food Storage Goals: Week #27

INVENTORY: Paper & plastics. Count what you have. You need these for emergencies.

3-MONTH FOOD STORAGE per person:
Crackers – 2 boxes
Chips – 2 bags
Baked beans – 1 can (more is good!)

2-WEEK’S WATER: Accumulate 14 gallons of water per person (or 4×24 ct. cases per person). You can’t live without it!  

EMERGENCY FUND: Add $2.00 or more per person each week.

HOME STORAGE: Storage bags like Ziploc. Useful everyday as well as for ice packs and other emergency uses.

72-HOUR KIT: Mess kit w/cup.

AUTO KIT: Tire pressure gauge.

EQUIPMENT: Camp stove and fuel. Sometimes BBQ’s have a gas burner.

PREP GOAL: Create an evacuation plan. You’ve got to have one. Get it done. Practice it.

How to Use This List:
1. Decide on a monthly home storage budget.
2. Decide what you want to gather or do from the list.
3. Multiply amounts by number of family members.
4. Adjust amount for younger children.
5. Adapt, adapt, adapt. These are only suggestions. Pick and choose.
6. Each week look for store sales that match your goals.
7. Carry your list with you or put it on your cell phone notepad.
8. Here is a link to a list of items for the entire month.

You are never behind if you take one step forward!

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

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