July 2012: Monthly Food Storage Shopping List

The food storage focus for July is summer foods. Many families keep these types of items in their pantry, so this will be easy to add to your 3-month food storage supply. Each week you will be gathering several items. Watch for sales so you can stock up.

To start out the month, pick up a few boxes of crackers, bags of chips and some canned baked beans. I regularly keep a supply of graham crackers, saltine crackers and tortilla chips in my cupboard. These items only have a one month shelf life, so you will want to replenish them regularly.

Why snacks? During an emergency such as a week-long power outage, many of these foods do not require power to prepare. You could eat crackers with a can of stew or raviolis or baked beans. You could spread some peanut butter on graham crackers. And yes, you can cook popcorn on a camping stove. Obviously some items on the list do require power, but if the electricity was out at the store down the street, what will you eat?

July is National baked beans month, so stock up on your favorite brand. You will also be gathering Jello gelatin, pudding, food bars, popcorn (not microwave), chocolate syrup, lemon juice, vinegar, olives, lemon juice, and towards the end of the month jelly/jam and honey. Whew! Pick and choice what works best for your family. The list below has suggested amounts to get you thinking.

July 2012

Many retailers put back-to-school products on their shelves in July which means they reduce prices on summer items. So, take advantage of clearance sales and buy a cooler, and some camping and emergency supplies for your family 72-hour kits.

If you haven’t already done so, create a prioritized evacuation list; what to take and the order you would take it. Are you ready? If not, then make a plan. And then practice the plan with your family.
Also, if you are just getting connected with me, you may want to check out my other monthly lists to see if there are items you would like to gather. Just go here.

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