Food Storage Goals: Week #28

INVENTORY: Toiletries. Count what you have. Items such as soap, shampoo, feminine items, toothpaste, etc.

3-MONTH FOOD STORAGE per person:
Jello gelatin – 1 box
Pudding – 1 box

2-WEEK’S WATER: Accumulate 14 gallons of water per person (or 4×24 ct. cases per person). You can’t live without it!  

EMERGENCY FUND: Add $2.00 or more per person each week.

HOME STORAGE: Plastic wrap or waxed paper or parchment paper.

72-HOUR KIT: Mess kit utensils.

AUTO KIT: Emergency flare

EQUIPMENT: Small folding shovel.

PREP GOAL: Practice family emergency drill.

How to Use This List:
1. Decide on a monthly home storage budget.
2. Decide what you want to gather or do from the list.
3. Multiply amounts by number of family members.
4. Adjust amount for younger children.
5. Adapt, adapt, adapt. These are only suggestions. Pick and choose.
6. Each week look for store sales that match your goals.
7. Carry your list with you or put it on your cell phone notepad.
8. Here is a link to a list of items for the entire month.

You are never behind if you take one step forward!

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