True Experience: Virginia Power Outage

A letter from a reader,

Valerie, My family is one of thousands who were without power
here in Virginia this past week due to storms. I had myself, my husband, adult
daughter, her husband and newborn (literally!) baby, and our other adult son,
along with our 2 dogs here. Thanks to you and your website, I was FAIRLY
prepared to deal with this issue. I had enough food and water to keep us all
hydrated and fed, using our gas grill (with a backup tank of fuel available).
Fortunately for us, our power was restored after 48 hours. I
have always been a fan of the LDS Preparedness program, although I am not a
member of the LDS church. I learned from friends who are LDS members. I mainly
relied on storing some food and water in my early years of homemaking, which
helped us survive many hurricanes, typhoons, and a couple of employment losses.
But it was not until I came across your site that it all began to come together
and allowed me to organize and prioritize a plan.
I was having trouble convincing my husband of the importance
of being prepared until this past weekend. When we were building our house, I
wanted to have it wired for a generator. He did not agree. Come Saturday
morning he was kicking himself and actually said that he should have listened
to me! Now, once this current power crisis is over in our area, he is going to
arrange for an electrician to come and wire us up. He has already ordered a
generator for any future emergencies. AND, he has expressed interest in your
website to see what I have been talking about:) 

Thank you for your
website. I look forward to reading your book.
K.P., Virginia
Thanks, K.P.! I like keeping a backup propane tank too, but haven’t convinced my husband about the generator. We will get there. You are a great preparedness leader for the rest of us!

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