American Beauty Pasta on Sale For .49 cents Per Package

Today I took advantage of a Buy 10 sale at Smith’s (Kroger) grocery store. Select varieties of American Beauty pasta are on sale for .49 cents if you buy 10 packages. That is the lowest I’ve ever seen for pasta! I stocked up on spaghetti, fettuccine, bow tie, and penne pasta for our 3-month+ food storage supply. I keep my pasta in a dry pantry room in plastic totes in the original package, similar to the picture above. I mark the purchase date on the package so I grab the oldest item first.

Sorry, but I didn’t see any wheat pasta included in this sale. The shelf life for most of my packages is 2 years. But we will use it sooner than that. I also saw the 18 oz. Kroger peanut butter on sale for $1.99. I hope this will be at an even lower price at the case lot sale in September, but you never know.

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