Christmas Planning Calendar 2012

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It’s that time of year again when I revise my Christmas planning calendar. Using this calendar helps me pace myself through the holiday months. This year I decided to do a few things in August.

I like to decorate my porch and entryway table for all of the holidays. Most of my readers know I shop at thrift stores (Deseret Industries) or sales for most of those decorations. However, the big decorating and holiday preparations happen for Christmas. So, it’s helpful to pace myself week-by-week.

I use a Google Calendar and enter each of the following items as an all day “Event” and then have them repeat from year to year. However, you could write yours on your calendar. I’m also making a small Christmas gift planner to carry in my purse. Here is what I decided to do this year:

Christmas Planner 2012

1st Week
Holiday Calendar-update
2nd Week
School shop-Finish
Clothes shop-Finish
3rd Week
Christmas letter-Start

Gather Pinterest holiday ideas

4th Week
Autumn decor up

1st Week 
Card addresses-update
2nd Week
Budget Christmas
Gift list ideas
Temple Square events
3rd Week
Missionary gift ideas
Holiday travel plans

4th Week
Family picture cards-print
Halloween costume plan
Halloween decor up

1st Week
Missionary gift shop
Buy pumpkins

Buy Thanksgiving table decor

2nd Week 
Online Christmas shop
Ghost Boo neighbors
Halloween candy
3rd Week 
Online Christmas shop
Kids Santa wish lists

4th Week 
Online Christmas shop
Work gifts
Holiday party dates
5th Week 

Inspect Christmas lights

Inspect Christmas decor

Thanksgiving decor up

Christmas lights up

1st Week 
Christmas shop
Mail missionary gifts
Buy neighbor gift containers

2nd Week 
Christmas shop
Kids go shopping
Buy stocking suffers
Thanksgiving menu
3rd Week 
Mail relative gifts
Buy Thanksgiving food
Thanksgiving food prep

Visit Temple Square lights

4th Week 
Christmas decor up
Wrap gifts

1st Week 
First Presidency devotional
Wrap gifts

Make/give neighbor gifts
2nd Week 
Guest room prep
3rd Week 
Buy Christmas food
Enjoy Christmas Day with family!
4th Week
Christmas meal prep
Read Christmas story
After Christmas sales
Christmas decor down
New Year’s Eve/Day activities

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