August Shopping Trip at a Utah Case Lot Sale

Yesterday I found an hour to shop at a Utah case lot sale at the new Dick’s Market in Centerville. And I loved it because I didn’t have to buy large cases of my items. This wonderful store allows you to buy whatever number of items you want, and still get the case lot price! ☺
Our family is shrinking as daughter number two, child number 5 heads off to BYU in a few weeks. Sob, sob! So before I went to the store, I stood in the cold storage room looking over my food storage and decided to be realistic. I don’t need a year supply of everything. I need to store what we eat, and eat what we store.
The beginnings of my basket.
Some of you think I buy tons of food, but I tend to be moderate in how much I store. I do believe in having a year’s supply of long-term foods such as wheat, rice, oatmeal, sugar, honey, etc. But I like to buy short-term shelf life foods throughout the year so my food has various expiration dates. So, I’ll buy different items next month at another case lot sale, and then again in January, March and April. And each month I buy other items following my monthly food storage shopping lists.
Since my August food storage focus is fruits and vegetables, it was easy for me to choose my items. I was excited to see that the Western Family brand now has canned fruit packed in ITS OWN JUICE! So, I spent some time down the fruits and vegetables aisle (not the case lot display in the front of the store) and gathered a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Green beans, corn, beets, mandarin oranges, peaches, pineapple, olives, chiles and so forth. So many varieties to choose from. Well, I did toss in a few boxes of brownie mix and a case of green beans and peaches.
I was very careful to ignore the rest of the store items, because I know I can stock up on those things another time of the year. My total was about $60 which didn’t blow the budget.
I know. We are spoiled here in Utah. But those of you living out of state or out of the country must see the logic in not buying everything all at once so that it expires at the same time. I hope those of you who are learning to stock up on food are having a great experience. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And building up your food storage will take some time, and patience.
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