Fall Is The Time to Restock Your Medicine Cabinet

After a wonderful week-long visit from my beautiful daughter and granddaughter, I thought I would write a bit.

It’s hard to believe October is nearly here! Our Utah mountains are beautiful.

I will be headed up to the canyon soon to take some pictures as this one does not show the beauty well, but first I need to get over a little cold. Which prompted me to write this post.

Last night I felt a sore throat coming on. After falling asleep for a few hours, I woke up and headed to the medicine cupboard. My search for cough drops was a success, but my favorite cold medicine box was . . . empty. It made me think of what it means to be prepared for colds or other emergencies. Sure, I could have run to the store for some medicine, but during an emergency when stores are closed, that isn’t possible.

I popped a cough drop in my mouth, and quickly fell back to sleep. Something as little as a cough drop on a sore throat can be so soothing. A few “regulars” in the medicine cabinet will be comforting for my family as well when needed for colds and flu this fall. So, I will be restocking the medicine cabinet tomorrow with what is missing. Can you guess what may be on our October Food Storage shopping list?

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