Costco Deals for October Food Storage

The new Costco coupon book (valid 10/11/12 – 11/4/12) includes great discounts on some of the items we are stocking up on in October. Here is a week-by-week run down for those of you with Costco memberships. Regular price is listed first followed by coupon if any then sales price. I also show some items not on sale just for price comparison. Do you have enough smoke detectors? Do they work? (Prices may be local.)

Skippy Peanut Butter 2×48 oz. $11.99 no coupon
Adam’s Peanut Butter 1x80oz. $9.99 no coupon
First Alert smoke alarm w/batteries 2 pk $22.99, $7.00 C, $15.99 (That’s $8.00 ea.!)
L’l Critters Gummy Vites vitamins, 275 ct. $11.99, $2.00 C, $9.99
Nature Made vitamins, various $3.00 C
Kirkland vitamins, various $3.00 C
Centrum vitamins, various $3.00 C
Various cough meds, $5.00 C

Kirkland canola oil 160 oz. $8.99 (equiv. to 3.3×48 oz. containers for $2.69. Walmart Great Value is $2.58)
Crisco shortening 6 lb. $7.99 no coupon (this is huge and may not work for some of you)
First Alert fire extinguisher 5 lb. $31.99, $7.00 C, $24.99
First Alert fire extinguisher 2pk $32.49, $7.00 C, $25.49

First Alert carbon monoxide detector $29.89, $7.00 C, $22.89

Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet Morsels 72 oz. $10.79, $2.25 C, $8.54 ($1.42 per12 oz.!)
Hershey’s baking cocoa 23 oz. $5.99 no coupon (.26 per ounce!)

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