Food Storage Goals: Week 49

Here’s what we’re working on this week (Dec 2 – Dec. 8).

I’ve had a crazy weekend. One daughter had her wisdom teeth out and another got the flu. I will have surgery on Thursday so Christmas shopping has to be finished this week. However, I was grateful to have some “medicinal” supplies on hand: Sprite, popsicles, soda crackers, applesauce and pudding. I never had to go to the store for anything.


  • Snacks. Look over your supply of everyday crackers, granola bars, jerky, nuts, etc. Decide if you are storing enough to help if you were without power for several weeks. Besides using in lunches, you might eat these first in a disaster. Make a note about which items you want to increase your supply of, and keep it replenished.

STEP 1: 3-MONTH FOOD STORAGE per person:

  • 4 oz. Vanilla LT (real vanilla ISL, imitation 4 YSL). Decide if you want to store real vanilla (Costco/Sam’s Club 16 oz. $6.89 or Sam’s Club imitation vanilla 32 oz. $3.50)
  • 4 oz. Instant yeast (1YSL, 5YFL). It’s cheaper to buy the 1 lb. packages of yeast. I like SAF yeast, but Costo carries Red Star and Sam’s Club has Fleischmann’s for about $4.00 for 2x1lb. packages. I don’t bake bread often, so I keep mine in the freezer.
  • ISL = indefinite shelf life
  • YSL = year shelf life
  • YFL = year freezer shelf life


  • Accumulate 14 gallons of emergency water per person. That’s about 4×24 ct. cases of 16.9 oz. bottles. If you refill your own containers, change them every 6 months; whereas commercially bottled water can be stored indefinitely. Water is an absolute necessity, so don’t scrimp on it! You will need extra for hygiene, cleaning and cooking. Pick up a case here and there, but get this done quickly.


  • Start small, but be consistent. Add $2.00 or more per person each week, and only use it for real emergencies. This is not an investment fund.


  • Do STEPS 1, 2 and 3 simultaneously, and then start this step. If you see an SL by an item in STEP 1, it stores long-term like 20 to 30+ years.


  • Dust Masks. One of the cleanup supplies used after Hurricane Sandy. Would be useful for many emergencies to keep dust or smoke particles out.


  • 72-HOUR KIT: Add $10 + into an equipment fund for an item below.
  • AUTO EMERGENCY KIT: Add $10 + into an equipment for an item below.
  • EQUIPMENT FUND: Many of you have been working on your 72-hour kits and auto emergency kits with me for the past 9 months, and they are probably complete. So for the past 8 weeks we have been saving up to buy a a more expensive equipment item at the end of December. However, if you are not ready to do this and want to work on your emergency kits, go back to my 12 Monthly Food Storage lists and look for items you want to purchase for your kits. Decide on an item to buy: Electric Pressure Cooker $100, Pressure Canner/Cooker $100, Tent $150, 2-Burner Outdoor Propane Stove $100, Volcano Cook Stove $100, Indoor/Outdoor Heater $100, Electric Wheat Grinder $250, Chain saw $200-300, Solar Oven $300, KitchenAid Mixer $300, Bosch Mixer $420, or Generator $800+ . Put aside money each week. Purchase your item at the end of December.

EQUIPMENT GOAL: Watch for sales on your large purchase item suggested above.

PREP GOAL: How will you cook without power?

  • Most of us are focused on Christmas shopping right now, but one never knows when a disaster will strike. This time last year we experienced a tremendous wind storm and lost hundreds of trees in our neighborhood and homes were damaged. So, look around your home for something you would or could cook food on if you had no power. You could be without power for several weeks. Do you have enough water for quick prep foods? Do you have fuel, propane, charcoal or wood? Do you have a grill or solar oven or BBQ or camp stove? How will you boil water if yours becomes contaminated? You need to start thinking about it.

1. Decide on a monthly or weekly home storage budget.
2. Realistically decide what you want to gather or do from the list.
3. Multiply amounts by number of family members.
4. Adjust amount for younger children.
5. Adapt, adapt, adapt. These are only suggestions. Pick and choose.
6. Each week look for store sales that match your goals.
7. Carry your list with you or put it on your cell phone notepad.

If you want to see the entire month, go to the December Monthly List.

You are never behind if you take one step forward.

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