Food Storage Shopping List December 2012

December is a busy month for most of us, so my food storage focus includes some inexpensive baking ingredients you can buy in one shopping trip, or a couple each week during your weekly shopping trips. You may already have a 3-month supply of them sitting on your shelf. Except for the mixes, it’s inexpensive to stock up on a year’s supply of most of these ingredients as well.

My emergency focus is emergency cooking. If the power is out, the roads and stores are closed, and you have to camp out at home, how will you cook? Do you have something to cook on? Do you have propane, charcoal or other fuel for your outdoor cooking needs? How will you make baby food? Ponder these questions, and come up with a plan. You may have several cooking options already at home.

Even though it’s winter, now is the best time to practice your emergency cooking skills. Put together a simple recipe book by looking at what’s on your shelves. I will share some recipes later this month.

Here is the printable list with food storage and emergency preparation suggestions.

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oops! I listed salt twice so I updated the list

The chart below breaks down just the food into a 3-month and 12-month supply, and then I included some everyday prices. With current baking sales, you probably can buy items for less. This list gives you a good starting place. I have no idea how much you bake, or if you bake. But if you were unemployed, you will probably need to bake more and eat out less.

Don’t get hung up on perfect amounts. If the math for your family of 5 works out to be 20 oz. of baking soda and you only want to store a 16 oz. box, then store that. And you may not have space to store a year’s supply of cake mixes. My hope is that you will figure out some amount to store so you become accustomed to keeping extra food on your shelf.

amounts by family members and adjust
ITEM 3 M 12 M Costco Walmart Shelf Life
Vanilla, real 4 oz.  16 oz.  16 oz. $6.89 ISL
Yeast, instant  4 oz.  16 oz.  2×16 oz. $4.00 1 YSL; 5 YFL
4 oz.  16 oz.  2×12 oz. $6.89 8 oz. $3.30 16 MSL
Brownie mix  1 box 4 boxes BC $1.50 12-18 MSL
Cake mix  1 box 4 boxes BC $1.35 12-18 MSL
Frosting  1 cntr. 4 cntrs. BC $1.60 1 YSL
Baking mix  1.5 lbs 6 lb. 6 lb. $5.50 1 YSL
Salt  6.5 oz. 26 oz.  26 oz. $.45 ISL
5 oz. 20 oz.  8 oz. $1.25 18 MSL
Baking soda  4 oz. 16 oz.  16 oz.  $.70 2 YSL+
Cornstarch  4 oz. 16 oz.  16 oz. $1.30 ISL
YSL = year shelf life
MSL = month shelf life
YFL = year freezer shelf  life
MFL = month freezer shelf life
ISL = indefinite shelf life


  • Imitation vanilla is much cheaper, but has a 4 year shelf life.
  • Homemade brownies are healthier :-), but mixes are simple to use for emergency outdoor cooking. It’s nice to have a few on the shelf
  • Yeast – I keep my opened yeast in a container in the freezer.

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