Site Review: “The Prudent Homemaker”

A website that has inspired me this week is “The Prudent Homemaker” written by LDS writer and home school mom, Brandy Simper. This is one extraordinary lady who understands this principle: if you can’t afford it, make it do. She’s written a blog as well and she is currently making a handmade gift a day for her family.

If you are looking for ideas on how to simplify your life, save money, live within your means and then some, you must check out this blog. You are going to love her photography as well. She has lived for years on her food storage and amazing garden.

Check out this page about what she buys in bulk at Sam’s Club and why. Lots of great tips on how to store these items in her pantry. I love her great advice on menu planning too. She’s smart. Eat things that are in season to save the most money. She has motivated me to change my menus for the seasons as well.

She has also motivated me to have a better edible garden next year. To plant some trees and berry bushes. I have the space, now I just need to add something new each year.

No doubt about it, we live in difficult times. You just never know when you will be unemployed. Read her story and learn how she got by with less. It made me cry. The answer isn’t always for Mom to go get a job. Perhaps the answer is for Mom to become more prudent.

I have never lived without paper napkins and paper towels. She has. I have never lived without store bought laundry soap. She makes her own. In today’s society, if we don’t live up to certain expectations, we think we are failing. Well, it’s about time to succeed by living with less. Thanks, Brandy!

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