30 Disaster Menus: What to Eat Without Power

Natural disasters strike anytime, anywhere. So with that in mind, I worked on 30 Disaster Menus for my family including the cooking method if we were without power. A great resource for choosing my dinner menus was the book “100-Day Pantry” by Jan Jackson. This book has easy recipes using pantry items I can grab off the shelf, and should have been titled, “Grab A Can-And A Pot-Have A Meal.”

These recipes use the can juice from the ingredients you cook with, so you don’t have to add extra water. Brilliant! And ingredients like canned chicken or beef, canned fruits and vegetables, dried spices and vegetables, dry milk, canned soups, and grains, pasta and canned potatoes. I have not tried all of these recipes, but the gears are turning in my head, and I think this is a good foundation. I wouldn’t stock up on an unusual ingredient until a recipe becomes a family favorite first.

I went through the 125 recipes in this book mumbling to myself, “Yes, I store that. And my family would eat it prepared that way about x number of times per month.” Most of the dinner recipes I chose serve 4 people and need only be simmered in a pot. Love that! If you are without power, this book would be a lifesaver. And the ingredients can be used in your everyday recipes as well.

5  ☆☆☆☆☆

My breakfast menus are simple too. And the lunch menus assume you have access to bread for sandwiches for at least a week. I keep at least 8 loaves in my freezer all the time. Wherever I list fruit/veg that means a fruit or a vegetable – canned or whatever you have at the moment. Sorry, but I am not going to list all of the ingredients for my family. You have to do your own homework.

30 Disaster Menus: What to Eat Without Power.pdf

13 Oatmeal, raisins, dry milk, water Camp/Butane Stove
3 Pancakes from mix, syrup, Tang Camp/Butane Stove
8 Cold cereal, powdered milk, water Bowl
3 Wheat waffles, syrup, powdered milk Cast Iron Waffle iron
3 Muffins from mix, water Dutch Oven/Solar Oven
7 PB & J or Honey sandwich, fruit/veg, Tang Prep area
9 Tuna on Crackers baked beans, water Prep area
2 Macaroni & Cheese, fruit/veg, V8
Camp/Butane Stove
3 Soup, crackers, dried fruit, water Camp/Butane Stove
3 Canned Pasta, banana chips, water Camp/Butane Stove
3 Chili w/beans, crackers, water Camp/Butane Stove
3 Canned Stew, crackers, cocoa Camp/Butane Stove
2 BBQ Chicken With Fruit #13 Camp/Butane Stove
2 Chicken a la King #19 Camp/Butane Stove
2 Chicken Noodle Soup
Camp/Butane Stove
2 Chicken Taco Soup #40 Camp/Butane Stove
2 Chicken Tetrazzini
Camp/Butane Stove
2 Sweet & Sour
Chicken #53
Camp/Butane Stove
2 Minestrone #65 Camp/Butane Stove
2 BBQ Beef Stew #76 Camp/Butane Stove
2 Broccoli Beef Soup
Camp/Butane Stove
2 Chili #84 Camp/Butane Stove
2 Macaroni Beef #103 Camp/Butane Stove
2 Simply Stew #112 Camp/Butane Stove
2 Quickie Clam Chowder
Camp/Butane Stove
2 Tuna a la King #136 Camp/Butane Stove
2 Corn Chowder #145 Camp/Butane Stove
10 Popcorn Camp Stove/Campfire
6 Food bar n/a
2 Pretzels n/a
2 Graham crackers n/a
2 Tortilla Chips, salsa n/a
2 Pumpkin Chocolate
Chip Cookies
Dutch Oven/Solar Oven
2 Brownies from mix Dutch Oven/Solar Oven
2 Dump Cobbler Dutch Oven/Solar Oven
2 M&M’s n/a
# = page you can find recipes from
“100-Day Pantry”

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