Make a 72-Hour Kit in 12 Steps: Step 1 – Bedding

To simplify making a 72-hour kit, I divided “the big list” into 12 steps. I am not an expert on 72-Hour kits, but I get the highest number of hits on my blog about this topic, so I’m taking it seriously. I want to help you succeed and get the job done. Breaking this down into the following steps will hopefully make the task less daunting.
It may surprise you to see that I put the container towards the end of the process. Most people want to get that item first. But you could end up with the wrong size or container, so I suggest waiting. Don’t “put the cart before the horse.” For now, put your items in a box, bag or tote. Keep items small, lightweight and compact. Let’s get moving.

Step 1: Bedding
  • blanket
  • emergency reflective blanket
  • sleeping bag

Blanket – I like fleece blankets because they are warm, cheap and available everywhere after Christmas. But some people recommend wool blankets. Find one you would imagine using on a camping trip as you sit around a campfire. Make sure it fits around your body and feet. You probably have one in your house right now. Even though it won’t fit in a backpack, it could be rolled up in your sleeping bag.

Emergency Reflective Blanket
– These are lightweight, compact and cheap, and fit perfectly inside a kit. They use your own body heat to keep you warm and are waterproof. They can be found at Walmart, hardware stores or emergency supply stores.

Sleeping bag
– Consider the cold temperatures in your area before purchasing, as most bags have a temperature rating. If you are lucky, yours will come with a nylon stuff bag. If not, you can put it in a kitchen trash bag or a Ziploc Big Bag. If you already own a sleeping bag, don’t worry about finding a perfect one. Just add it to your pile. I store our sleeping bags in our emergency closet near our 72-hour kits. If you can’t afford one right now for everyone in your family, you can always gather them one-at-a-time this year as they come on sale.

Go get Step 1 done today!

72-Hour Kit in 12 Steps

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