How To Study The Scriptures With 7 Questions to Ponder

I’ve been pondering how I want to study my scriptures in 2014 to be more effective. Typically after a long day, I open my scriptures and read right where I left off from the previous night. But I was looking for a new method that is spiritually deeper, yet simple. First, I glanced at Pinterest and found some cute journals and ideas on how to mark your scriptures, but that was only scratching the surface. The thought came to me to look at what Julie B. Beck, former General Relief Society President, has done with her scripture study. I’ve always admired her as someone who stands for the truth.

I found a talk she gave in 2004 entitled “My Soul Delighteth in the Scriptures” and began reading. She said, “One good way to start studying the scriptures is to ‘liken’ them to ourselves.” She shared how she wrote notes in her scriptures and in a separate notebook. She also shared various ways others have studied the scriptures. My mind began spinning and formulating an idea for me. Something realistic and within my grasp.

Julie B. Beck

She said, “Every woman can be a gospel doctrine instructor in her home, and every sister in the Church needs gospel knowledge as a leader and teacher. If you have not already developed the habit of daily scripture study, start now and keep studying in order to be prepared for your responsibilities in this life and in the eternities.”

If the scriptures can prepare me for my responsibilities in this life and the eternities, then I should be looking for answers to a few key questions throughout this coming year. So I considered my roles as a daughter of God, a wife, a mother, an emergency preparedness teacher, a preschool teacher, and a missionary. I came up with 7 questions for my roles to focus on each day of the week.

Sunday: How can I strengthen my children spiritually and emotionally?
Monday: How can I be a more loving wife to my husband?
Tuesday: How can I teach my preschool class who they really are?
Wednesday: How can I fulfill my calling effectively as an Emergency Resource Coordinator?
Thursday: What do others teach me about personal revelation?
Friday: How can I become a disciple of Jesus Christ?
Saturday: How can I be physically and mentally stronger?

    It looks like a bunch of how to’s, but one of the best training manuals is the scriptures. Sister Beck keeps a list of questions in the back of her scriptures. Since I use my online scriptures, I typed my 7 questions on a sticky note and placed them on the front my laptop and iPhone. I use the app and highlight notes in the Notes and Journal tool.

    Every day I want to read a little bit from the Book of Mormon following the schedule my youngest daughter uses in her Discover the Scriptures workbook. Since each family member in our home does their own personal scripture study, we are not on the same schedule. But I thought being on hers might help me teach her as she is learning. During family prayer we share something we have learned in our personal scripture study. She has an amazing memory and shares the most.

    I also want to study other resources as well. So here is that plan:

    Sunday: The current chapter we are learning in Sunday School from the “Old Testament Class Member Study Guide.

    Monday: One article from the monthly Ensign magazine.
    Tuesday: A motivational book.
    Wednesday: One talk from the most recent General Conference.
    Thursday: One talk from the most recent General Conference.
    Friday: The current chapter we are learning in Relief Society “Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith.”
    Saturday: One article from the monthly Ensign magazine.

      It’s so easy to access these resources on the LDS Gospel Library app or at DeseretBookshelf. Wow! We have so many great things at our fingertips. We just need to push the time-wasters off the table.
      Update 12/31/13 On my Gmail calendar, I created repeating calendar items for each resource to remind me what to study. For instance, on Sunday and Monday I have “Ensign” as an all day calendar item that repeats each week. Tuesday I have “Mot Book”, Wednesday I have “Gen. Conf.,” Thursday I have Joseph Fielding Smith, Saturday I have Old Testament. We are so blessed to have wonderful technology!

      I’m excited to find answers to my questions this year! I’m sure I will be tweaking my scripture study as I go. Hope you each find answers to your 7 questions and grow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ the New Year.

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