Why I’m Voting for Evan McMullin

  1. Are you voting for Evan McMullin for president because he is a Mormon? Yes and no. Knowing he was a Mormon drew me to his campaign, but his platform on principles and lifelong experience won me over. His Jewish running mate Mindy Finn, is a powerhouse in a little body. She is intelligent and a defender of women.
  2. Do you believe that our two-party system represents America
    No, I feel there is corruption in both parties, but there are also good
    people trying to make changes in the parties. I’m a registered Republican, but like McMullin I
    believe problems in my party must be fixed and are part of the problem with this election. McMullin served as the chief policy
    director for the House Republican Conference in the House of Representatives so he has been on the inside.
  3. In the future will you still vote for other Republicans? Yes, but I will only “seek
    out, vote for, and uphold leaders who are honest, good, and wise.” No one is perfect, but I did not see those qualities in Trump or Clinton. The parties do not own my vote – they must earn it.
  4. Do you believe McMullin is ethical and honest? Yes. Do I know
    that for sure? Of course not. But after meeting Evan, I felt nothing negative, and a great deal of respect. He’s taken a lot of criticism to stand up to the GOP establishment. I could not have been so brave. To me it shows a side of his character. I hope more honest and decent people will come
    forward to run for office after this election.
  5. Do you agree with McMullin, that Trump and Hillary are
    dangerous for America?
    Yes! But I understand why my friends might vote for them. I respect their right to vote and hope they respect mine. It’s been
    a difficult decision for most of us, but I will vote with my conscience, and will
    accept the risk of having Clinton or Trump in office. I understand that people in other
    states may not have the opportunity to vote for McMullin and could be left with few alternatives. But here is how you can vote for him.
  6. Do you believe McMullin has a chance of winning this
    Yes, but ONLY if electoral votes are close between Clinton and Trump. And there has been another shift this week. This is an hour-by-hour grass-roots campaign. If McMullin doesn’t win, then I hope he’ll continue to
    help with a new conservative movement. We must get back to our Constitutional basics.
  7. Do you believe religious freedom is in danger for our society
    and that McMullin wants to protect it?
    Yes, and yes! He is a staunch supporter
    of religious freedom for all faiths, respects those without a faith, and wants to protect the rights of citizens regardless of race, creed and color. He
    wants to appoint originalist justices to the Supreme Court, like Judge Scalia and Clarence Thomas. He has served as a volunteer refugee resettlement officer in Jordan, and I highly respect that.
  8. Do you feel McMullin is the most suited of the candidates to
    deal with national security?
    Yes. Because of his past CIA experience “working overseas on counterterrorism and intelligence operations in the Middle East,North Africa and South Asia as an undercover operations officer.” National security will be one of the first things he will address. I feel he is confident and steady. 
  9. Do you feel McMullin will protect the rights of an unborn
    Yes. He is pro-life and would like to see Roe vs Wade overturned.
  10. Now that you’ve met and heard McMullin speak, what five attributes
    would you use to describe him?
    Respectful, intelligent, steady, fearless, patriot. These are attributes I do not see in the other candidates.
Thanks for allowing me to share my views with you. 
Valerie Albrechtsen

Author of Prepared LDS Family

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*My personal beliefs in no way represent other members of my church or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I respect your right to chose who to vote for, and hope you will respect my right as well.

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