November 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar

When I couldn’t scan my November Emergency Prep Calendar, this morning, I immediately said a quick prayer. It’s so natural for me to pray, that I believe I live in constant prayer. Some may think it’s funny to pray over your printer, but I don’t. My mind was cleared, the thought came to restart my laptop and the printer, and then my little miracle happened. Everything worked!

Print November Emergency Prep Calendar here

Sorry for not getting the September, October and November Prep Calendars out sooner, but between technical difficulties, my daughter’s wedding and my recent surgery, I just didn’t get it done.

This month my spiritual focus is to BE GRATEFUL. Usually I say something about food storage at the beginning of a post, but I want to first share how grateful I am to be an American. How thankful I am to have the right to vote and the opportunity to submit my ballot today.

As I ponder, I think of how many people around the world don’t have the privileges I do. I have the freedom to express my views publically and choose my religion without fear of oppression. My heart breaks to know that many people around the world have to leave their homes and lands they love, to escape terrorists or government discord. So, as you go throughout your month, I hope each day you’ll remember what you are thankful for.

The one thing I’ve learned through my preparedness journey is that its 10% physical prep and 90% spiritual prep. Am I the only prep writer who can say that? Because I know it’s true! You will struggle more with difficult things if you are not spiritually grounded first. When I learned about Jon Schmidt’s daughter’s disappearance, I was crushed. And then to see his spiritual strength through that experience was astounding. He was spiritually prepared.

So as you look through my calendar with all that physical stuff, and start to feel anxious, toss those feelings aside and read the scripture at the bottom to help you focus again. Say a little prayer, and then circle a few to dos on the calendar.

Enjoy your first day of November!

Best wishes,

“when thou risest in the morning 
let thy heart be full of thanks unto God, 
and if ye do these things, 
ye shall be lifted up at the last day.” 

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