August Food Storage & Prep Handout

My food storage goals for August include gathering fruits and vegetables, and emergency shelter and bedding items. This prepares us for the coming winter and possible adversity. Gathering a little bit each month makes it more affordable.

Here is a handout I created for my ward Relief Society with my goals for August. You are welcome to print it for personal or church use.

August Food Storage Goals.pdf

This month I’ll make a trip to the LDS Home Storage Center for some dry apple slices, dry carrot dices and some honey. How is that for variety. Maybe just a few of each. I don’t like to buy too much of anything since I don’t want it to expire at the same time.

I’m looking forward to picking our peaches later this month and freezing them. I’m not good at canning, but freezing I can do. We are going through raisins quickly now, so I’m going to have to buy a larger supply of them.

One of my emergency goals this month is to learn how to shut off the gas and house water at our new home. I haven’t taken the time to look that over, so I’ll get too it.

Good luck with your food storage and emergency goals this month!

Valerie – The Food Storage Oganizer


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