It’s Fall Case Lot Sale Time in Utah!

It’s case lot sale time again in Utah! I’ve been collecting all those sale dates from our wonderful grocery stores. So, gather your list, check it twice, and head on over to a case lot sale next week. It’s time for us to get focused on food storage.

Whether you live in or out of Utah, you can always gather food storage year-round. I never purchase everything at case lot sales. Just my favorites. Go here for my case lot sale tips.

Here are those sale dates:

  • Lee’s Marketplace – Monday, August 28th
  • Reams – Tuesday, August 29th
  • Smith’s – Wednesday, August 30th
  • Maceys – Wednesday, August 30th
  • Winegars – Wednesday, August 30th
  • Bowman’s Market – Wednesday, October 4th
  • Dick’s Fresh Market – Wednesday, October 4th
  • Fresh Market – Wednesday, October 4th
  • Harmons – not sure if they are participating

And this week, American Beauty pasta is on sale for $.49 a package. One of my favorite sales! Shelf life of pasta is about 3 years. Look for the Buy 8 SAVE $4 SALE this week at Dick’s Fresh Market, Fresh Market and Maceys.

CAUTION: Only store your food inside your home and not in your garage.

2 thoughts

  1. Question: Coukd you repackage the pasta into a food saver bag & seal it to make it last longer or would it still only last about 3 years? Also, l’ve bought large quantities of oats & use some of it to make granola (oats, honey, oil, vanilla extract, & either slicedcalmonds or walnuts). Would the granola be something l could store in a food saver bag? If so, how long would it last?

    1. Hi Patricia, I’m not sure how long you can store items in a food saver bag. So sorry I don’t know. Look at the shelf life on the pasta.

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