Food Storage & Emergency Questionnaire

Yesterday I handed out a food storage questionnaire to assess the needs of the sisters in my ward. Next we’ll schedule classes. Top interests “Food Storage 101,” “Water Storage,” “What to Take in An Evacuation,” “Cooking Without Power,” “Healthy Food Storage Ideas,” and “Non-food Items to Store.” As a ward Provident Living Specialist, I’m happy we are moving forward! 🙂

Food Storage Needs questionnaire.pdf

Food Storage Needs questionnaire.xlsx


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  1. Valerie you are doing a brilliant job in your calling and congratulations on a comprehensive questionnaire and informative set of classes you have coming up. I am sure the Sisters will find this really helpful and informative as we all have to start somewhere.

    I could have well done with classes and information like this when I joined the church later than most. However through reading handbooks and searching on the internet and asking questions from other Sisters I have learnt a great deal about food storage and emergency preparedness.

    Looking at how wonderful that questionnaire and classes are I think I will pass that on to our welfare specialist and Relief Society President here in Australia to see if we can implement something similar.

    Thank you.

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