November Food Storage & Prep Handout

Here is my November food storage and prep handout for my ward Relief Society. I hope this handout helps those of you who serve as ward Provident Living Specialists or in other LDS Church callings, or anyone who has a desire to become more self-reliant.

November Food Storage & Prep Handout.pdf

This month I focus on gathering holiday baking items that stores typically have on sale such as canned pumpkin, canned broth, brown sugar, powdered sugar and white sugar, yams, stuffing and white flour. You’re going to buy some of it anyway for Thanksgiving, right? So gather a few extra.

You can buy white sugar and white flour in #10 cans at the LDS Home Storage Centers. Sugar has an indefinite shelf life but the can will protect it from critters. Flour has a 10-year shelf life.

Now until November 30th:
• Macaroni #10 can $2.50, reg. $2.75
• Granola 2 lb. pouch $6.25, reg. $7.00
Now until December 31st:
• Hot Cocoa 2 lb. pouch $3.50, reg. $4.00
• Sugar #10 can $4.75, reg. $5.25

I also like to stock up on winter clothes and other items to keep warm if you live where winters get cold. Children’s coats are usually outgrown from last year. This is a great time to buy a new one since stores have lots of sales and stock is still high. Or buy an oversized coat that will last several years. Clothing resale shops like Kid-to-Kid or Once-Upon-a-Time put coats and boots out in their stores now too.

Valerie Albrechtsen, The Food Storage Organizer

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