Preparedness Challenge – January Week 1: Reader Experience

I’m excited to have my daughter Rebecca write articles for my blog! I thought some of you young families might like to hear how another young family has taken on my Weekly Preparedness Challenges. Here is Rebecca’s first post.

Growing up I loved how organized my mom always was. I remember feeling like everything in our house had a place, and she always knew that exact place. Since becoming a mom, and learning to keep things organized in my own way, I’ve learned a lot!

Two things I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t really known how to do in an organized way are getting started on my own food storage and becoming more prepared for emergencies. You’d think I’d know all the ins and outs of this subject with my mom being so adept at it.

Thankfully, she has come up with an exciting way to get me moving on my personal food storage and emergency preparedness while keeping it organized and simple. Thanks, mom!

So, here’s my personal journey to completing her weekly challenges!


First things first, I want to give a little background on my situation. I’ve been married for just over 2 years now, and have one little boy, with a second on the way! He’s due in June.

We live in Mesa, AZ in a 2-bedroom apartment. We’ll be here for about 2 years or so. Being in a smaller apartment, we don’t have a ton of space, but we make it work. My husband works as an accountant and I stay at home with our son.

That being said, I’ve definitely made tweaks to my mom’s challenges, so they work for my family, our budget, and the space we temporarily live in.

I’m glad she adds in ideas you can do if you have a small budget and space. Obviously, every situation is different, but I thought it would be helpful to share how I complete her challenges. Maybe some of you are in a situation like mine.

Preparedness Challenge – January Week 1

This week we were challenged to get two binders set up and start our grab and go kits. I found two binders at home that weren’t being used.

We got a printer for Christmas, so we were able to print off the inserts and other handouts. During my weekly grocery shopping, I bought two sets of dividers and got everything set up with my binders.

For the grab and go kits, this week was simple! Luckily I had almost everything needed for them at home. I grabbed some water bottles from the case we have at home, put them and some toilet paper in Ziplocs, and labeled the bags.

Next, I emptied out a hiking backpack that we don’t currently use for my husband’s grab and go bag. I loaded his water bottles and supplies into his bag.

My mom gives each one of her kids the grab and go bags we had growing up when we move out, so I used this bag for my kit.

For my son, I have yet to find a bag for him, but I do have a small container that holds his items for now. Hopefully, as the kit grows I’ll find a bigger and more convenient place to put his items. All three of our bags are in our laundry closet which is near the front door of our apartment.

Because we don’t have a ton of space, we always keep one case of water at home. I also keep a case in my car for emergencies. I’ll have to purchase one for my husband’s car as well.

This week I tried to use a lot of things we already have, which wasn’t that difficult! We don’t have a ton of money to put towards food storage and emergency preparedness, so I’m grateful these challenges can be adjusted accordingly.


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