Preparedness Challenge January Week 3 and 4: Reader Experience

During the last two weeks of January, we were challenged to gather emergency water storage, and collect a few emergency supplies.

Water Storage

My mom broke down this step to accommodate all circumstances, budgets, and living space. Since we are on a tight budget in a small apartment, our goal was to gather the minimum recommended amount of water per person – 3 gallons/person.

We decided to buy 1-gallon bottles from Walmart. To stay within our weekly grocery budget, I broke down our 12-gallon goal to 3 gallons a week. Each week I stop by the water aisle, pick up three more gallons of water, and store them under our bathroom sink. Here’s what we have so far!

Buy Emergency Items

Two of the items we were encouraged to have on hand are a manual can opener and an emergency prep book. We were gifted a manual can opener at our wedding, so I was able to check that off pretty quick! As for the emergency prep books, we have yet to purchase one. I plan on borrowing one from my sister after she reads it. Hopefully, I’ll eventually obtain a collection of my own.

Something that I have been reading since I don’t own emergency prep books, is my mom’s website. She has tons of information on a variety of emergency preparedness topics for free! I’m grateful to have her website to turn to when I have questions on how to prepare. Under her Emergency Preparedness tab, she has 59 posts that include simple ideas to be more prepared for all types of emergencies. And no, she’s not paying me to put this plug in. I just think her information is accurate, up to date, and super helpful! Not to mention, it’s always broken down into simple steps that everyone can accomplish one way or another.

Good luck with the challenge!


(daughter of The Food Storage Organizer)

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