Preparedness Challenge February Week 1: Reader Experience

For Preparedness Challenge February Week 1, we had the task to add items to our Grab and Go kits and create a Family Communication Plan and our own a Grab and Go List for an evacuation.

Grab and Go Kit
In each of our kits, we were encouraged to have travel-sized toiletries. At least we can be sure of one thing if we find ourselves in an emergency…we’ll smell good! In a disaster, I’m sure there is much uncertainty, so it would be comforting to at least fee clean. Here’s a pic of our toiletry kits:

Another item of comfort we were challenged to add to our kits is a family picture. This is nice not only for identification purposes, but if your kit is all you can grab, you’ll want that family picture. In the following baggies, I put a picture of our family, a pen, and a small notebook.

This week, I also added permanent markers, city maps, and our communication plan. I have yet to purchase a radio but plan to get one soon!
Family Communication Plan and Grab and Go List

My husband and I worked on these two goals together. We created a Communication Plan we felt we could rely on in an emergency. I printed one for each of us and placed them in our kits.
The Grab and Go List took a little more thought. We wanted to make sure that we weren’t forgetting anything that we’d want to bring in an emergency. We carefully listed the items, their location in our home, and the time we could retrieve them.
One of the things we want to do in the near future is scan our photos. We have a couple of albums that aren’t yet online, so we thought it’d be reasonable to have those online too, instead of having to grab them in an emergency.
Our Grab and Go List is hung up in the closet with our grab and go kits. Hope that helps some of you young families.

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