Preparedness Challenge March Week 1: Reader Experience

This week we are working on getting together a supply of canned beans and fish. The challenge comes in preparing a dish with either of those ingredients!

Canned Fish
A couple of weeks ago, I actually decided to branch out and make a dish with canned salmon. I had never tried canned salmon before but found a pasta dish that incorporated it. I picked up some canned salmon during my grocery trip and was really excited to try it!

When it came time to cook the dish, I opened the can and was turned off by how it looked. We never had canned salmon growing up, or really anything more than tuna, so I didn’t know what to expect. My pregnant nose couldn’t handle the fish, and I actually opted to take the fish out of the dish. Pretty sad, I know.

However, I now know that if it came down to using our food storage supply, we probably wouldn’t be too happy with canned salmon. Part of the challenge in collecting food storage is storing foods we would actually eat if we needed to. Cooking a recipe with the collected supplies is a great way to weed out ingredients that might not make the cut for your food supply.

Let’s just say, I’ll be collecting canned tuna for this challenge.

Black Bean Recipe
This week, I was able to cook a dish with black beans that we eat fairly often. These Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos from Cooking Classy are one of our favorites!

Finding a recipe that doesn’t involve meat that my husband will love is a little bit tough. But we all enjoy these yummy tacos.

Good luck!

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