Preparedness Challenge – March Week 2

This week let’s work on our first aid supplies during our Preparedness Challenge. Most of us have some, but we probably haven’t gone through them in a while. Well, this is that week.

1. Clean Out and Resupply First Aid Supplies                   
Go through your home and gather all the first aid supplies you can find. They could be in multiple locations. Find a container of two to put those items in. Keeping them in a central location will make it easier to find. I use a tackle box. Read more about it here. Add items you need to your grocery list such as band aids, gauze pads or rolls, medical tape, first aid kit, Neosporin, first aid manual, ice packs, thermometer, ACE bandage, rubbing alcohol, etc. You don’t need to buy these items all at once but making a list will help you gather what you need over time.     
TIP: If you’ve ever had an injury, hang on to your crutches, splints, wrist guards, knee braces, etc. During a disaster, you may be the only one who has them.   
2. Clean Out and Resupply Medications
Contact your local pharmacy to find a disposal location near you. Or look at the Walgreen’s website to find out which stores have a disposal kiosk. Walgreen’s takes “prescription medications, ointments & patches; OTC medications, ointments, lotions & liquids; pet medications and Vitamins. Who knew? The closest locations near me are in Bountiful or Layton, Utah.       
Make a list of medications you would like to resupply and add them to your grocery list. In an emergency, many people need some type of pain medication.    
TIP: Keep children’s and adult medications in separate containers and out of reach of children. Have a chat with teens about the proper use of medications.                                                                                                                                                                     
I hope I’ve kept it simple enough for you to accomplish. Have a great week!                                                        
Valerie Albrechtsen                                                       
The Food Storage Organizer       

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