Make a 72-Hour Kit in 12 Steps: Step 12 – Additional Supplies

In the event of a natural disaster, having additional emergency supplies would be worthwhile. These items are not the same items in our 72-hour backpacks, but additional items we may find useful. These will look like camping supplies to most of you which they are to us too.

You can separate these items into 5-gallon buckets, totes, or additional bags. Obviously you can’t carry all of these on foot, but you could load them into a vehicle. Having them ready to go if you need to evacuate would save lots of valuable time.

Here is a list of some emergency supplies our family has gathered:

Bin #1

Bin #2

Additional Items to Grab

  • Portable toilet
  • More cases of bottled water
  • Empty water container to refill at evacuation shelter
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Chainsaw w/extra blade (in case tree is across road)
  • Extra fuel for chain saw


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7 thoughts

  1. Our evacuation by foot items are our 72 hour Kit Backpacks. These buckets hold additional supplies if we had more time to evacuate. I'll try to make that clear in my post.

  2. Just a thought but, evacuation by car doesn't seem practical. At best it will be nothing short of 5 o'clock traffic magnified 100 times over, grid lock will result and you will be stuck in your car. wouldn't it more practical to make a "bugout" backpack?

  3. These are excellent lists. Pretty similar to what we carry in our van. We rotate our bucket contents by season. Spring and again in Fall.I’d add one item to your bucket #2. A small whet stone for the hatchet will come in very handy. From experience I can tell you they dull quickly when used.

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