Preparedness Challenge Februray Week 2: Reader Experience

This week we were challenged to gather a 3-month supply of breakfast foods and purchase long term oats. Because I’m only gathering a 1-month supply of food, I made some adjustments to fit that goal. For the time being, I won’t be collecting any long term foods.

1-Month Supply of Breakfast Foods

After reading through this challenge, I wasn,t sure where to begin. I decided to start buying some cereal because we eat a lot of that. I knew it would be nice to stock up on it when it came on sale.
Luckily, my mom sent out another email with a ton of helpful information about what a 3-month supply of breakfast food actually looks like. She attached a PDF that includes an example of a 3-month supply of breakfast for 2 people. Because my family currently consists of me, my husband, and our son, I decided to cut the amounts in half and use it for our 1-month supply guideline.
Here are the changes that I made to the document she sent out.
My family doesn’t eat many waffles, so I omitted that group from the sheet and increased the food in other areas. I looked up the prices of the items I could buy from the grocery store and added in those numbers. The only item I ended up purchasing from the LDS Home Storage Center was dry milk pouches. It’s much cheaper there than in the grocery store.
Everything else I need to buy is slightly cheaper at the grocery store, so I’ll go ahead and get them there.
Here are some pictures from my first experience shopping at the LDS Home Storage Center:
Everyone was super helpful, and they even loaded up my car with what I purchased. Check to see if there is a center near you!
I still need to collect a lot of the breakfast food items, but I plan to do that over a few months.
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