Preparedness Challenge February Weeks 3 and 4: Reader Experience

The last two weeks of February were quicker for me to tackle. We were challenged to get a supply of dental toiletries and make sure we have text, emergency apps, and a solar charger for our phones.

1-Month Supply of Dental Toiletries
This challenge came at just the right time for me. Our bathroom storage needed to be reorganized and our toothbrush area definitely needed a good wipe down. Gross!
Before buying supplies, I decided to throw out some items under the bathroom counter and make room for what we’d actually use. Doitonadimeblog.comdid this and I thought it’d be helpful to clean out before adding more supplies.
Then, I went to the dollar store and picked out a number of cheap organizing baskets and bins. This made all the difference when I started loading up the cupboards. I can actually see what we have now, and my husband no longer has to ask me where something is every time he needs it!
We now have a good supply of dental toiletries. It’s funny how even just a tiny supply can bring so much peace of mind. No more running to the store when we’re out of toothpaste. And no more going too many days without flossing just because we don’t have any!
Cell Phone Preparedness
Have a cell phone with text. Check! Not too hard to complete that one.

Next, we were encouraged to download some emergency preparedness apps to our phone. I downloaded the FEMA app and the Red Cross App. I decided these apps wouldn’t be too useful if I didn’t know how to navigate them, so when I get a minute here and there, I’ve been familiarizing myself with them. I’ve actually learned a lot from the FEMA one about emergency preparedness. There’s a blog you can access through the app with real-life experiences of people in disaster situations.

We’ve also been encouraged to purchase a solar phone charger, which I haven’t done yet, but have it on my list to do soon!

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